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Aquarius (dog breed)

Aquarius is a breed England native of Moro suspension. Dog species name is mean "those who draw the water" in Latin, causative content is directly made ​​to the dog breed name. Alias ​​Water draw Var.


Not clear on when they were around production, but its an old dog species that are marked in the book which was published in 1576. Aiming a strong dog, it is said to have been produced by mating, etc. Morosasu dog which has been used as actually fighting dogs at the Coliseum based Bandog.

Aquarius was mainly used to draw water from the well. Body Fit the like rope, to rotate the pulley being mounted to the well by pulling, it had Swallow water by drawing the tub. In addition, it had been fairly heavy or luggage is used also to transport piled up in carts, houses and warehouses as a guard dog, and also to carry out the lookout of the field used.

Originally bequeathed the description of this species probably because it was a rare species literature is small, not clear full-blown detail much of the decline phase. That has been found is not the need Aquarius bailing machine developed by the Industrial Revolution, is that extinct gradually reduce the number along with it.

It should be noted that, since it too is poor materials, and the theory that the identity of this species is a subspecies and hybrids that are related to the Dogs of Roman Britain rather than a separate breed, called English Bandog, another kind of Mastiff system and Bandog such as dog species and the English Foxhound is multiplied by the related species and breeds of dogs that have been made ​​to the theory that it was a per se has also been advocated. However, it is still a mystery about the extent of the truth.


Toka's dog of aquatic by dog species name has changed, it is tempting to imagine that it might be to have a figure, such as a synthetic organism of fish and dog, but you do not have of course such a figure. In the dog species of Moro suspension type (Mastiff type), you are the athletic and the figure of boned in muscular. Muzzle also thick and short, jaw force was tough. Eyed sharp, I have a small eyes almond-shaped. Lop ear, skin with a thick dripping tail are slightly slack, have been carved wrinkles on the face. Chest is wide, legs thick. Coat smooth coat, (possibly limit did not) material is not left for hair color. In large dog size, body weight is also said to have met twice in the adult male. Personality is loyal and defense instinct is strong. Forces and strong, it is as was necessary to perform the firm the discipline during breeding.


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